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Das fossil - trompe l'oeil painted by Gabriel Ozon

I know your name
Still I don’t see your face
Time embrace all the tears from my eyes
I know your name.

I follow the signs,
I follow the road that was mine,
Couldn’t I had no choice,
Just one belong,
I pay the price for freedom.

I follow the signs,
I walk in the dark as was blind,
Lost my soul,
Sold my heart,
Long is so strong,
I paid the price for freedom.

Can’t say my name,
I will be pure in the shame,
There must be a wind in my eyes,
Can’t say my name.

I follow the signs,
I never expect to fly,
In the end I could love,
The place I belong,
Somewhere in my heart,
Feeling so strong,
I find my way to freedom.